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Hiking, mountaineering, bicycle-tours for montainbikes and road-bikes and trips you can directly start at our house. The bicyle-path is directly at the Zeller See, hiking-tours can be started at the station of the "CityXpress".

Schmidolins Feuertaufe

The adventure hiking-path for the whole family at the montain-station Areith I.

"Schmidolinos Feuertaufe" on the Schmitten in Zell am See, a sensationally hiking- and adventure-path presents active families with children a wonderful nature-experience, fun and action!

The path starts directly at the mountain-station Areith I. You can accompany Schmidolino on his way and persist tests of courage with him. The access is possible with the Areith I or the "CitiyXpress". From the "CityXpress" it takes about 10 minutes to the path. The route consists of 11 adventure-stations, for example the "fire-bridge", the "dragon-slide", the "dragon-tower", which can be passed in any order. With courage and luck as many "fire-stones" as possible should be collected. Schmidolino needs this "fire-stones" to learn the skill of fire-breathing. In between there are 2 fotopoints, reststops and playing-stops. Fun and pressure are guaranteed!

The use of the adventure-path is included in the price of the cablecar-ticket. Player`s licences are available at the Areith I and the "CityXpress". Back-carries for small children are available at all bottom-stations.


On wooden poling boards through the canyon.

Discover the beauty of our abysses: Since 1992 the Sigmund-Thun-Klamm - named after the historical governor of Salzburg - can be experienced. 1938 it was abandoned, because the utilization of hydropower in Kaprun came to the fore. Due to a regional initiative the gorge is opened for visitors nowadays.

14.000 years ago, in the late glacial period, a glacier covered the whole valley of Kaprun and slowly reached the Blauschieferfels of the Mais- and Bürgkogel. The melted glacier left a valley cut, through which the Kapruner Ache flew. The river dug into a depth of 32 metres about a length of 320 metres and left prominent gradings vortexes.

In 1890 Nikolaus Gaßner began to create a driveway from Zell am See to the Mooserboden through the gorge. Three years later Gaßner constructed a 340 metres long boardwalk and made the area definitely accessible. Marks which are cut into the rock still indicate the wood enslavings` work.

Wildtier-und Freizeitpark Ferleiten

In the game-park Ferleiten children and adults can watch the game from a near distance.

The Wildtierpark Ferleiten is loacated near by the tollstation Großglocknerstraße, about 20 minutes by car from Zell am See. On about 15 hectares there are living more than 200 animals. Wolves, brownbears, lynxes, bisons, coatis, coons can be observed as well as red-deer, alpine-ibex, chamois and fallow-deer. In the middle of the area there is a great pond with space for sitting and resting and a look-out. Presentation boards inform about the Alps` fauna and flora. For the children there is a pet corner with goats, monkeys, ponies and sheeps.

The walk through the park takes about one hour. All pathes are suitable for buggies and wheelchairs.

Ferleiten is located at the beginning of the Käfertal and is an intial point of various hiking tours in the heart of the "Nationalpark Hohe Tauern" in Salzburg.

Schmittenblicke - the new Höhenpromenade

Hiking-experience as far as the eye can see.

As the name says, along the mountain-promenade were developped difference viewing directions, for example perspective-, nature-, culture- and vision-view. Hikers like the various attractions along the panorama-hiking path "Höhenpromenade".

Children and adults can experience the wonderful nature and have fun. Viscopes, for example - a world-novelty on the sector of telescopes - inform you about the peaks around the Schmitten. Presentation boards show you the specious-rich life on the Schmitten, the history of the region, the mountains, the fauna and the chess. On the viewing platform you can rest and enjoy the mountains.

It is always fascinating which novelties the hikers experience in this summer.

Schmiedhofalm Zell am See - 1750m

Your hiking-destination in Zell am See on the Schmittenhöhe is open for the summer-season, from mid-June to mid-October!

Hiking, specialities from the Pinzgau and mountain-air let you forget daily routine on 1750m over Zell am See!

Hiking-tip from the landlady("Wirtin"):
Challenging hiking-tour about 2,5 hours(#64) starting at the Schmittenhöhe bottom-station
• or across the Atzingerberg (a small path), starting in Maishofen/Unterreit.
• You can also use the Schmittenhöhebahn and enjoy the wonderful panorama(#68), hiking along the "Wurzelweg"(#65) down to the "Schmiedhofberg"(#64) up to our mountain-inn.

Enjoy the view from our sunny terrace to the Zellersee, the Kitzsteinhorn, the Großglockner, the Glocknergebirgsgruppe, the Goldberggruppe, the "Drei Brüder", also to the Hundstein.
Also enjoy our Pinzgauer food and have a good time up the mountain!